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A good company culture does not come from some BS guidelines, it is rather created by the people who work at a company, their values and how these are translated into concrete actions. That is why we put the people first in everything we do.

We look for people who are driven and enjoy being a part of challenging projects. Learning new methodologies, technologies and delivering high quality output is not always easy, but when we do, we grow and add more skills to our toolset. To be able to do this, there needs to be a trusting and transparent atmosphere that encourages knowledge sharing. Do you have ninja skills in Angular or something else? Great, let the rest of us know and be open to showing others how to do things. Do you have an issue that you can't solve by yourself? No problems, ask one of your team members with experience in the are. Do you want to learn more about what is cutting edge in a niche technology? Let's find an expert to invite to the office for a meetup!

In addition to rewarding work we think it is important that we enjoy coming to the office and having fun with each other. In doing so, we recognise that people have different interests and ensure that we have a good variety in our office events. Everyone can come with ideas on what to do and we'll try to make it happen.

In the end, it's all about the people, the values and how these are translated into concrete actions.

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