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What is .NET and why your company might need it?

.Net is an open-source development platform that enables to build of a wide variety of applications. It comprises various coding languages, libraries, and editors. The solution provides developers with a runtime environment and class libraries. Thanks to them, programmers can use a rich set of tools that allows for quick and convenient application development.

The main programming language for .Net is C #. It has become one of the most popular Microsoft languages. It is derived from Java and C++ but is devoid of many of their drawbacks and limitations. C# syntax looks familiar to programmers who know Java, JavaScript, or C.

Apart from C#, .NET allows the use of other programming languages ​​as well. Microsoft created and supports eleven of them (like F # and Visual Basic). It is also possible to program, e.g. in PHP (using the Phalanger compiler). This makes the platform universal and programmers-friendly. They can choose the most convenient way to use .NET to benefit from its modern and functional tools. 


How could you use .NET 

  • Desktop applications

As a Microsoft solution .NET gives you a chance to develop applications perfectly matched to the Windows system. At the same time, it is a multi-platform framework, so the software might work on other systems too. It will all have an innovative user interface, no matter your chosen platform.

  • Web and mobile applications 

As a part of .NET, Microsoft develops ASP.NET, which is used to create web pages and applications. They can be dynamic, scalable and equipped with many functionalities. You can achieve high efficiency and security and reduce the amount of coding. With the Xamarin platform, you can also create multi-platform mobile applications using the advantages of the C # language.

  • Games 

.NET is a cross-platform environment, so you can use it to create games for 25 different platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox or PlayStation. One codebase will be used for this. .NET also integrates easily with game engines and is great for both 2D and 3D games.

  • Enterprise application 

Using the .NET framework, you can create a complex and advanced application for any size of company. It can cope with high traffic loads and meet the requirements for handling large amounts of data. You can also maintain high-security standards. This will be useful, for example, in accounting and payroll systems.

  • IoT

The performance, versatility and interoperability of .NET make it perfect for programming Internet of Things solutions. The software will quickly handle large amounts of data in the cloud and provide security. It can easily cope with extensive systems comprising even hundreds of devices. 


Advantages of .NET

  • flexibility and scalability

.NET can be used to create both simple and very advanced applications. It is easy to expand and adapt them to changing market requirements thanks to the framework's modular design. .NET has also received the reputation of being stable, efficient, and reliable. 

  • Cross-platform design

.NET applications can run on various operating systems. It might be Linux or Windows as well as Android, iOS, or Xbox and PlayStation for games. This makes it a very universal platform.

  • Based on object-oriented programming

The object-oriented programming model is based on breaking down the code into smaller parts that can be more conveniently managed. Thanks to this, the code is more understandable and works faster. Testing is also simpler, and the components can be reused.

  • Multi-Language Support

The most widely used language in .NET is C #, which has many advantages. However, if programmers don’t want to use it, they can choose between many other languages. This is possible thanks to efficient compilers that process code initially into the intermediate form of CIL (Common Intermediate Language) and then into machine code.

  • Visual Studio IDE

IDE or Integrated Development Environment is the software that allows one to write, edit and test code more efficiently. The .NET IDE includes Visual Studio which has plenty of functionalities. It allows, among others, for real-time cooperation and uses AI mechanisms to complete the code. The developer also has many add-ons to extend the functionality of Visual Studio and libraries.  

  • Open-source project

Because .NET is open-source software, a vast community of programmers has arisen around it. They create new solutions and develop the functionalities of the framework. The developer may also use the knowledge and advice of community members, what will speed up and facilitate his work.


How to hire a .NET developer

If you are recruiting a .NET developer, pay attention to whether he knows such technologies as:

  • programming languages

​​.NET developers should use languages ​​supported by Microsoft that are optimal for this platform. This is primarily C#, but also, for example, F# or VB.NET.

  • object-oriented programming

The object-oriented programming model is based on dividing the code into smaller, independent elements. The developer should be able to manage them and use them in various contexts.

  • databases

A programmer must understand the database operation and be able to manage databases. This includes knowledge of technologies, such as SQL Server, NoSQL and Oracle.


Thanks to ASP.NET MVC, the developer can conveniently manage every function of the application. This helps him to develop software quickly and efficiently.

  • client-side technologies

To create interactive and dynamic applications, the developer should know the most important front-end technologies. These include mostly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (plus jQuery).

  • Xamarin

It is a platform of .NET development tools and libraries designed for creating mobile applications. Thanks to it, programmers can build native applications having access to the functions of a platform, its specific libraries, and design patterns.

  • Entity Framework

Entity Framework is a Microsoft-supported object-relational mapping framework. It enables easier database data management.

 It would be a great advantage of the candidate if he had Microsoft certificates dedicated to programmers. These include the MCSD or the more prestigious MVP.

Our .NET development process is realiable and effective


Planning phase

Before development  we carefully planning with our client every detail to create a certain specification that will be useful in Development phase.


Development Phase

During this phase, we work together as one team to web app according to speciafication made in Planning phase.


Delivery Phase

We are testing the web app, improving UX and UI to be sure that delivered product has  the highest quality possible.

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