Product development

Product development with Codepole can help you with turning your ideas into products

Our product development experts will help you to launch any product you want.

Our product development process is very effective and reliable


Project workshops

Before development, we want to check the business goals, and your client needs and also check the strong and weak potions of your product.


Minimum Viable Product

After the workshop phase, we develop the product's prototype to get feedback from early adopters. Then we are trying to build MVP version of your product as soon as possible.


Product scaling

During that phase, we try to launch the product to the whole market and scale it. We are adding new features and adjusting the product according to clients' needs. We also run through automated tests and code reviews to ensure everything is working as expected.

Product development

We will help you plan, create, and launch your needed product. You can count on our full support during the product development process. Its stages will be:


We will create together an analysis of your requirements during design workshops. They will allow us to:

  • get to know your company and its competition,
  • define the product’s target, learn how to meet the user's needs,
  • specify the vision of the application - based on your idea, we will propose technical solutions that will help to implement it. We will also look objectively at the project and perhaps suggest new ideas to improve it,
  • defining the budget and schedule,
  • planning the manner and course of cooperation.


We will start work by creating a prototype. The first stage is developing a UX mockup that will allow us to plan the user’s flow. Then we will create a UI mockup reflecting the appearance of the future product. You will receive the mockup for testing, and we will refine it based on your comments. Target users can externally test it.

We will use the agile methodology while working on the product. It is based on iterations. After each of them, you will see the prototype of the product and submit your comments. We will repeat the iteration until achieving a satisfactory result. Thanks to this, the product will meet your expectations.

Our work can lead to the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP). It will be a version without all planned functionalities but ready to be introduced to the market and tested by users. We can also release a fully developed product.

Before implementing the product, we subject it to thorough tests. We can also organize its wider testing according to various methods. All this so that you know it will satisfy future users.

Maintenance, support, development

When the product will be on the market, we will ensure its failure-free operation. This means responding to potential problems, introducing updates, and supporting users. 

It is also worth developing a digital product as users’ needs and the market situation change. We might constantly add new functionalities without disrupting its operation.

By carrying out product development with us, you can be sure your idea will turn into a flawless website or application that will meet your needs. Let us use our experience and skills to create your successful project! 

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Software team augmentation helps you when you need to quickly scale your software team or you look for a specific tech stack. We've helped many clients before. We can help you as well.

End-to-End Software Development

You have a clear view on how your product should look like, but you lack capacity or tech experts to make it happen. We are here for you. We deliver top-quality, scalable tech solutions from initial exploration up to final deployment.

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Do you have a project to be completed? Or do you need some senior-level talent to support your existing team for a fixed period of time? We got you covered. Our consultants are not only talented, but also experienced in hitting the ground running to ensure they get up to speed with solving your challenges as quick as possible.

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