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What is Rust and why might your company need Rust Programmers?

What is Rust?

Rust is an open source programming language focusing on stability, performance and security. 

It is a low-level language, so its syntax is closer to machine code. The computer reads the code without the need to compile (“translate” into the language of the processor), but it is less human understandable.

Rust is also a multi-paradigm language. It does not impose a single programming style, but allows the developer some freedom. He can choose between oriented, structured and functional programming.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, conducted among over 80,000 developers, Rust is the best rated programming language. It ranks first among languages ​​for the sixth year in a row.

How could you use Rust?

  • Game development

Rust can be the primary language during game development. What matters here is efficient memory management, which improves program speed.

  • Web development 

The language is perfect for creating critical back-end applications.

  • VR

Using appropriate frameworks and libraries, Rust will prove itself both when creating games, simulations or VR software for business.

  • Blockchain

Speed ​​and security are of paramount importance in blockchain projects. Rust can provide them, which is why it is becoming more and more popular in this area. Examples include projects such as Solana and Sawtooth.

  • Data analytics

The speed of Rust makes it popular among scientists and specialists designing machine learning systems.

Rust can also be used in various programming works. It is appreciated by, among others, Dropbox or Figma, where Rust is largely responsible for file synchronization. The NPM package manager has been completely rewritten in Rust.

Microsoft and Cloudflare implemented Rust because of the security of memory management, which was crucial to those companies. Facebook uses this language in the source control backend. Rust has also helped Discord to scale to 11 million users.

Using Rust, operating systems such as Redox, intermezzOS , and QuiltOS were also created. Mozilla uses it in its browsers. 

Advantages of Rust

  • Optimal memory management

Rust solves the memory management problems of the C language, where it has to be largely done manually. It does not require the garbage collector running in the background. The advantage of memory management in Rust is also high security.

  • It allows building advanced internet applications.

By creating web applications in Rust, the risk of errors is reduced compared to Java or Python. The language is easy to learn for programmers who know C and ensures high software performance. It can be used for both front-end and back-end.

  • High Performance

Rust has a performance comparable to C++ and higher than Python. This is due to, i. a., for lack of garbage collector. Rust also works extremely fast with embedded systems.

  • Cross-platform

Rust applications run on Linux, MacOS, Windows and other platforms.

  • Growing community

Rust developers can benefit from forums and the social site. Meetings and conferences are also organized for them, and programmers have access to many libraries and programming tools.

Employing a Rust programmer - what skills should he have?

  • Being up-to-date with Rust

A programmer should not only be familiar with Rust, but also be up-to-date with the development of the language. Rust is a relatively new solution that is constantly growing, so specialists should watch all the changes that occur in it.

  • Knowledge of languages ​​like C / C ++

It is important that the developer be fluent in programming using languages ​​other than React, but also low level ones, such as C or C ++.

  • Experience working with secure coding practices

Rust is sometimes used, for example, in blockchain because of security in memory management. A programmer should know secure coding practices to further strengthen the focus on security.

  • Familiarity of debugging tools

Debugging tools improve the detection and repair of bugs in the software, thus speeding up the development process.

  • Skills in database management, ELK stack or container technology 

Our Rust development process is realiable and effective


Planning phase

Before development  we carefully planning with our client every detail to create a certain specification that will be useful in Development phase.


Development Phase

During this phase, we work together as one team to web app according to speciafication made in Planning phase.


Delivery Phase

We are testing the web app, improving UX and UI to be sure that delivered web app has  the highest quality possible.

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