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Our world-class Tech Explorers have significant experience in building scalable, efficient
and compliant applications for our clients

Some of our clients

Experts in Fintech

We developed software for customers in Payments, Lending, Banking, Brokerage, Invoice Financing, Open Banking, and more. Our software engineers build scalable architectures withstanding heavy data flows and following best practices in data security.

Using technology,
we ensured compliance with

We worked hand in hand with client teams to deliver Swiss-compliant fintech applications.
German financial compliance is also not new to us. We can help you there as well.
In Sweden, we are your partner. You guessed it, we have done it before.

Our clients appreciate our flexibility and dedication

We help our clients to set up their very own nearshore development center with engineers 100% dedicated to their specific project.

The teams are hired by us and work from our offices, but are considered as employees of our clients and part of their team. We take care of all tedious back-office work.

The cooperation is fully flexible. Our clients can increase and decrease the size of the teams working with them in a seamless manner in no time.

First step is always the hardest. Not with us! You can start even with one developer at the beginning.

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