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What is Node.js and why your company might need it?

What is Node.js?

JavaScript is a standard language used in web applications or websites. However, to run, it needs the user’s web browser. Web browser is using a JS engine, without which the code simply doesn’t work.

Node.js overcomes this limitation and allows it to run JavaScript applications on the server side with usage of Chrome’s JS engine. It is therefore a runtime environment. Node.js is also a cross-platform solution with a JS library that contains modules facilitating the work of programmers.

How could you use Node.js?

  • Fintech

The application based on Node.js was created, among others, by PayPal. The company could use JavaScript both on the side of the server application and the browser. As a result, the software was created twice as fast and contained significantly less code and files than the previous Java-based version.

In the Fintech industry, solutions based on Node.js are also used by Citibank and Revolut (here it is specifically Gatsby).

  • Social Media

The LinkedIn mobile application is based on Node.js. The company appreciated the runtime environment because of its easy communication with their main service API and database. Compared to the previous application written in Ruby on Rails, the one created in JavaScript works up to 30 times faster, consuming much less resources.

Twitter has also switched from Ruby on Rails to Node.js in its application. Like LinkedIn, it took advantage of the speed of the new app and resource savings.

  • Streaming services

Node.js uses, i.g. Netflix. Thanks to it, the company created the user interface of a mobile application in JS. Again, speed and saving of server resources were of paramount importance. The application turned out to be light and modular in structure.

The advantages of Node.js in video streaming were also important to Courseo, which built their application on the environment.

  • Chat

Node.js is great for creating real-time applications, including chats. Important here are, among others, quick notifications and the ability for multiple users to collaborate and interact. With Slack, which built an app based on Node.js, speed was also important, as was responsiveness.  

  • Task management

Node.js was used to build the application by Trello. Service is a comprehensive task management tool with an intuitive interface in its app. Node.js allowed for quick real-time changes and updates thanks to its event-driven approach

  • E-commerce

Node.js was also used by one of the e-commerce leaders, eBay. With the environment, the company built an application that worked efficiently in real time and supports many services. EBay also appreciated the speed, simplicity, single-threading and scalability of Node.js.

  • IoT

The smooth operation of the applications in real time makes Node.js increasingly used in the world of the Internet of Things. Applications are extremely fast and scalable and can handle plenty of devices simultaneously. Node.js enables the processing of large amounts of data and efficient communication between devices and servers.

Advantages of Node.js

  • High performance

Node.js executes JavaScript code and processes data quickly thanks to the powerful Google Chrome V8 engine. As a result, companies can notice a multiple increase in app performance compared to solutions written in other languages.

  • Simultaneous Request Handling

Incoming requests are executed quickly, and the application will consume significantly less RAM. It will also be more scalable and efficient.

  • Full JavaScript stack

With Node.js, developers can use JavaScript for both front-end and back-end programming. This means that you do not need to create two teams with different skills (which could have problems with communication). It leads to savings and speeds up application deployment.

  • Reduce load time

Every time the application module receives a request, it buffers it. As a result, users get instant access to the website. 

  • Easy to learn

JavaScript is a very popular language, commonly used for front-end development. It doesn’t take long for programmers who know it to start using JS to build a backend with Node.js as well.

  • Active community

Your developers can count on the support of the Node.js development community. For example, they will find many ready-made solutions and codes in GitHub, which will facilitate and speed up their work. In case of problems, they can look for answers in many forums.

  • Faster product launch

Because Node.js allows using JavaScript on both the client and server side, the code and data files are easier to manage. The availability of libraries and ready-made programming solutions also makes work on the application run more efficiently. Therefore, product development may be finished faster.

How to hire a Node.js developer?

When deciding to hire a Node.js developer, pay attention to whether he has the following features and skills:

  • experience in working with Node.js

It’s obvious, but when choosing a Node.js developer, you should remember that he has already implemented projects with the participation of this environment. Theoretical knowledge is not enough. An ideal candidate would also be an active member of the Node.js community, as it would mean that he is interested in the operation and development of the solution.

  • knowledge of front-end technology

Although work with Node.js is server-side, the candidate should be familiar with the tools of front-end specialists. This includes knowledge of such languages ​​as HTML5 and CSS3. He should also know how to build software based on mockups.

  • understanding Node.js frameworks

Frameworks are sets of tools that speed up and facilitate the work of a programmer and extend the functionality of the solution. A Node.js specialist should know first the Express framework. It is good for him to be familiar with solutions such as Koa.js or Total.js, which increase the capabilities of Express. Knowledge of MVC frameworks, such as Strongloop, Sinatra, Rails and Meteor, will also be beneficial.

  • ability to use API

APIs allow integrating different systems. This can make working with Node.js a lot easier. Therefore, the candidate should be well versed in the RESTful API to adapt the interfaces to the needs of his project.

  • database support

The developer should be able to handle multiple databases and integrate them with each other. He also needs to know how to ensure data security when managing databases. Relational databases that he should be familiar with are, for example, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB or MongoDB.

  • expert knowledge of asynchronous programming

Asynchronous programming allows for the non-linear execution of tasks. This means that the next task does not have to wait for the previous one to finish to be started. Node.js is based on the ability to perform two functions simultaneously, which significantly increases performance. The developer must be able to write code asynchronously to take advantage of this feature of the environment.

  • the ability to create efficient and understandable code

The code should be written in such a way that not only ensures fast operation of the application, but is also understandable to other team members. The key here is object-oriented code, i.e. dividing it into smaller elements. This makes it much easier to read by other developers.

Our Node.js development process is realiable and effective


Planning phase

Before development  we carefully planning with our client every detail to create a certain specification that will be useful in Development phase.


Development Phase

During this phase, we work together as one team to web app according to speciafication made in Planning phase.


Delivery Phase

We are testing the web app, improving UX and UI to be sure that delivered web app has  the highest quality possible.

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