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Discovery phase

Before development  we carefully planning with our client every detail - which should be optimized to make the best effect on your project.


Project Health Check

We will carefully examine the whole project - your software development, existing and potential shortcomings with the context of future improvements


Project implementation and supervision

We are testing the web app, improving UX and UI to be sure that delivered web app has  the highest quality possible.

Hire Product Owner & Product Manager

SCRUM is the type of agile project management methodologies. Using it, you can achieve high productivity, deliver product versions faster, and reduce costs. If your project requires flexible changes, it will work perfectly well.

Among the team roles in the scrum, besides interdisciplinary Developers, Product Owners and Product Managers are essential. 

Who is the Product Owner?

The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the created product. His tasks are to:

  • define product features and goals,
  • creates user stories, i.e., explanations of product functions from the final user’s perspective,
  • supervising the course of the project by participating in scrum meetings,
  • communicating client and target users’ feedback to the development team,
  • manage product backlog, i.e., ordered list of tasks, features, or items to be completed as part of a larger roadmap. 

The most important benefits of the Product Owner’s work are:

  • he ensures better communication between you, end-users, and the development team,
  • suggests new ideas based on your comments and end-users’ research,
  • optimizes process efficiency thanks to product backlog management,

Who is the Product Manager?

In the scrum methodology product manager:

  • creates a product vision and a long-term strategy,
  • identifies market trends and related new opportunities,
  • is involved in marketing, product sales, and customer service,
  • supports the product preparation team,
  • creates a realistic sprint schedule (scrum iteration) and overall plans actions,

The basic benefits of Product Manager work are:

  • He makes the team implement the essential vision of the project without losing sight of its priorities,
  • keeps the team’s motivations, so they act more efficiently,
  • makes the project run according to the schedule - you will receive new versions on time,
  • control the distribution of work - the team will know what to do,
  • organize possible resources for the team, e.g. special software if needed.

Codepole Product Owners and Product Managers

Our Product Owners and Product Managers have many years of experience working with scrum methodology. They have carried out many successful projects, making the development teams achieve maximum efficiency.

By hiring them, you can be sure that your project will be well managed and implemented on schedule. They will take care of product quality and compliance with your requirements. Contact us to talk about your needs!

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