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What is JavaScript and why your company might need it

On every website HTML defines its structure and CSS defines its appearance. The most popular (and first) use of JavaScript (JS) is adding dynamic elements and interactions to it.

JavaScript works on both browsers and server side (thanks to Node.js). Browser receives a plaintext message, what it has to do. By itself, JS “does not work” - you need a JavaScript engine installed in the browser or on the server to execute the code. The language is only a command to the JS engine.

JavaScript's developers also use libraries and frameworks. A library is a set of ready-made code snippets you can use in your own projects. This facilitates the work of programmers and speeds it up significantly.

JS frameworks are also made up of code snippets, but their operation is more holistic. Programmers select them according to the type of the project they want to create. The most popular of JavaScript frameworks are VueJS, AngularJS, Ember.js and React.js.

How could you use JavaScript?

  • Web development

Were it not for JavaScript, the website would only comprise static text and images. JS makes it possible for animated elements to appear on it. It would be, for example, an icon showing the page loading process, a dynamic page background, or a welcome animation.

The movement of the animated elements is triggered by the user’s action. The unfolding of the menu or the change of the button’s color takes place after the mouse hover, and while scrolling the page, the movement of icons may appear. For example, a Google map on the website is also interactive because of JS usage. 

The latter functionality is possible thanks to Google Maps API interface. APIs are ready-made code blocks provided by external companies. They complement the operation of JavaScript, providing programmers with solutions that would be difficult for them to create on their own.

  • Mobile and web applications

Using specific frameworks, JavaScript programmers can create various types of applications for mobile devices. Developers appreciate the advantages of JS when creating them because of:

  • rich UX - it is possible to use, for example, 2D / 3D animations or virtual maps,
  • the speed of creating applications - this is facilitated by many frameworks,
  • efficient creation of hybrid applications, i.e. working on both Android and iOS,
  • the possibility of building PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and native Android Apps.

Examples of mobile applications created with JavaScript are Netflix, Facebook, Uber or Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds games. The speed of development and the ability to create an excellent UX make it also often used to create web applications. These include, for example, Google Maps.

  • servers and back-end infrastructure

Building servers and back-end infrastructure using JavaScript is possible thanks to the Node.js. It is a simple and fast method that saves developers’ time. JS servers have also high performance, rich interface, and work well with other languages.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Versatility

As illustrated by the list above, JavaScript has many uses. For that reason, the knowledge of this language allows the programmer to take part in various projects. 

  • Simplicity

JS code is easy to learn and implement. Thanks to its simplicity, the developer will also notice bugs more easily and fix them faster. 

  • Speed

​​JavaScript executes its scripts through the user browser. It doesn’t connect to the server to download data. It also doesn’t use a code compiler (a sort of “translator” into code that can be executed by a program). Thanks to this, it has a high performance.

  • Rich UX

JS interfaces provide high UX thanks to dynamic elements such as slideshow, drag & drop functionality, animations and more. Interactions engage the user and increase his interest on the website and raise the time he spends on it.

  • Popularity

JS is used in countless websites and applications. Therefore, many forums, tutorials, guides and videos related to this language have been created. Developers will learn the language easily and solve problems faster. 

  • The interoperability

JS is compatible with languages ​​such as PHP, Perl and Java. It can be embedded in their scripts.

  • Numerous libraries, frameworks and add-ons.

Thanks to this, programmers work faster and can create more advanced solutions.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Browser-dependent behavior

The developer has no control over how the browser interprets its code. Therefore, it is necessary to test its operation in various browsers, including their older versions.

  • Security Issues

JS code is executed on the client side, so users may be concerned that it could be used for inappropriate purposes.

  • Debugging Difficulties

Browsers do not display bug warnings, so bug are more difficult to find. Debugging HTML editors are not as efficient as e.g. C or C ++ editors.

  • The code is visible to everyone
  • Building large applications is complicated

It can be solved by using TypeScript.

How to hire a JavaScript developer?

When employing a Java developer, pay attention to whether he is fluent in such technologies (apart from JavaScript, of course) as:

  • Popular frontend frameworks such as Angular.js or React.js. 
  • Node.js. allowing to create applications on the server side.
  • Redux - the most used state management tool.
  • Git - version control and tracking system.
  • TypeScript - JavaScript expansion that solves many problems related to this language.
  • jQuery - the most popular JS library, improving language performance.

A JavaScript Developer should also be able to write code asynchronously and for various browsers. 

Our JavaScript development process is realiable and effective


Planning phase

Before development  we carefully planning with our client every detail to create a certain specification that will be useful in Development phase.


Development Phase

During this phase, we work together as one team to web app according to speciafication made in Planning phase.


Delivery Phase

We are testing the web app, improving UX and UI to be sure that delivered web app has  the highest quality possible.

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