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Our dev ops process is realiable and effective


Assessment and Planing

Before development  we carefully checking the current Dev Ops state. We create roadmap to identify the possible problems.


Pilot Framework

This phase is about test implementation. We look what we should do to fully optimize the processes.


Process implementation

During this phase, we work together as one team to design, build and automate. We check if the whole process is running properly and we make the last adjustments.

Provide yourself with high-quality support for processes and services! Our DevOps team will let you optimize IT projects in your company.

Why DevOps?

Developers and operations specialists shouldn’t work separately. That’s why the DevOps methodology was created. It makes them cooperate effectively. The result is greater productivity thanks to direct communication and a holistic project view.

DevOps Teams are working in the agile model. This means quick delivery of work results and the ability to respond to your needs or a changing market situation. That’s why the product will be perfectly polished, and the service will perform much better.

The unique feature of DevOps is the continuous integration and deployment pipeline (CI / CD) methodology. CI / CD introduces automation and leads to application monitoring throughout its life cycle. As a result, problems are detected quickly, and eventual bugs are corrected.

Teams constantly collaborate during the development, delivery, and operation phases. Their members are not only concerned with the stages of work assigned to them but with all of them in mind. Team collaboration leads to shorter publishing cycles and higher software performance and quality.

What we can DevOps for you?

Our DevOps specialists will enrich your company’s team. They will get to know the organization’s operation and its business goals. This will allow them to carry out such projects as:

  • Implementation of cloud solutions.

Savings on the company’s IT infrastructure, unlimited resources, and security. Cloud is becoming the standard these days. We will migrate your data to this environment and take care to maintain the entire solution.

  • Infrastructure administration

You cannot take advantage of IT infrastructure capabilities without efficient administration. Our team will bring out your infrastructure potential and make it work optimally and stably.

  • Developing and maintaining software

DevOps teams are the perfect solution for software development projects. Short iterations end with receiving feedback from you that affects the course of the next cycle. The specialists responsible for the application’s maintenance and the developers work closely together. This is how to create effective solutions.

  • Implementing a DevOps culture in your company

DevOps methodology is a powerful work tool. If you want your company to adopt it, our specialists can help you. We will join your team to implement DevOps based on the best practices and our experience in these projects.

  • Process automation

Why involve a human being where an algorithm is enough? Our DevOps team will automate your processes to optimize them. This will mean cost savings, increased productivity, and the ability to direct employees where they are needed. 


Let us DevOps your company! Take advantage of cooperation with a team of experienced specialists working in a proven methodology! 

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