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What is React.js and why your company might need it?

React.js is a JavaScript library used to create user interfaces of one-page web and mobile applications. It was created by Facebook’s engineer Jordan Walke. Currently, React is hosted by Meta, so developers can be more confident in the solution's stability and long-term support.  

The library comprises re-usable components. React Developers can create with them an entire page or use only chosen ones. Projects of this type are fast, scalable, and relatively easy to build. 

React quickly became very popular with developers. Currently, it is the most used solution … type of application (surpassing the popularity of Angular and Vue.js).

How could you use React?

React is used for various types of projects. It is a solution that streamlines code creation, which you will appreciate when creating applications such as the type of:


React will work well when building an extensive application for sending live messages. It is used, for example, by Slack, Discord, Messenger or Skype. React Developers can create both a mobile and web application.

Social media

Instagram and Facebook are good examples of using React to create dynamic social media applications. They have good performance and can handle all the functions needed by users, such as uploading videos and photos, displaying notifications or publishing posts, adding likes and many more. 


Amazon, Etsy and Walmart built e-commerce applications using React.js due to, i.a., the speed of its operation. Their solutions have an efficient user interface. You can see it when displaying products, doing the search or carrying out the purchase process.


React is used by companies such as Spotify, SoundCloud, or Netflix. This most popular video streaming service needed an application that could handle a large amount of dynamic content. The company chose React for its speed of launch and operation or its modular structure.


An example of an educational application built with React is Khan Academy. Its creators appreciated, above all, the quality of the code that was created using the library.

Advantages of React

From a developer's point of view, the advantages of React.js are:

  • easy to learn

React is based on JavaScript, which is very popular with web and application developers. By knowing it, they can learn to use the library quickly. In addition, the developer can count on materials created by members of the extensive community and its support on forums.

  • Reusable components

React’s components generate the HTML snippet. These are unique objects that can also be used in other projects. Even a complicated application is divided into many independent “bricks”, which makes it much easier to create.

  • virtual DOM

DOM is a single object that represents the entire HTML document. React uses a virtual DOM that is more efficient and leads to create a better user interface. It also speeds up the work of programmers.

  • SEO-friendly

Search engines have trouble reading web pages with a lot of JavaScript. This lowers the website position on the results’ list. React eases this problem. Solutions created with it are more readable for indexing robots.

  • stable code and easy to debug

If a programmer changes a child component, the parent component is not affected. This gives React engineers greater control over the code of even complex applications. This also makes it easier to correct bugs when they are detected during testing. All of these saves developers’ time.

The disadvantages of React

  • limited to the user interface

React is a library, not a complete all-in-one framework. To create a complete application, developers also need to use other tools (such as based on React.js React Native).

  • tricky syntax JSX

React uses JSX syntax, although it is not required for application development. Some programmers find it too complex and difficult to learn. At the same time, it has many advantages, which is why React programmers are eager to use it.

  • too fast pace of development

React is is being developed rapidly, which can be both a pro and con of it. The advantage is that programmers can benefit from regular improvements that can raise the quality of the project. The downside is they need to keep up with quick modifications, which takes time to learn.

  • not always up-to-date documentation

Because of the fast pace of development, the documentation may miss information about the latest changes. In addition, resources of varying quality can be found online because they are created by the user community.

Employing React developer - what skills should he have?

When deciding to hire a React-developer, pay attention to whether he knows the following technologies:

  • HTML and CSS

These are the basic programming languages ​​for websites. Knowing them is essential for every front-end web developer. He should also have experience in RWD (Responsive Web Design).

  • JSX

JSX is the basic syntax used in React. To master it, React engineer need to be fluent in HTML.

  • JavaScript

React is a JavaScript library, so it is necessary to have expert knowledge of this language in its latest version (in 2022 it is ES2022, previous one is ES9).

  • Redux

Redux is a library that enables state management, i.e. the structure of JavaScript code. Knowledge of libraries such as Redux Form (responsible for complex forms) and Material UI (used for UI) will also be helpful.

  • Node.js

Node.js is a technology that allows React Developers to use JavaScript also when creating the back-end of the application.

  • Git

For programming with React, developers need a proper set of JavaScript tools. One of the most popular is Git. Using its repositories allows sharing code and components with other developers.

When hiring a React Developer, pay attention primarily to his portfolio. He should have experience with this type of project, preferably of any kind. In addition, he must be up-to-date with the changes that occur in the technologies he needs to work. React is updated frequently, and the developer has to be interested in its evolution.

Our React development process is realiable and effective


Planning phase

Before development  we carefully planning with our client every detail to create a certain specification that will be useful in Development phase.


Development Phase

During this phase, we work together as one team to web app according to speciafication made in Planning phase.


Delivery Phase

We are testing the web app, improving UX and UI to be sure that delivered web app has  the highest quality possible.

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