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Top JavaSrcript experts from Codepole team are on your disposal ready to build the app according to your expectations.

Our processes boost mobile app
development in a proven way


Planning phase

Before development  we carefully planning with our client every detail to create a certain specification that will be useful in Development phase.


Development Phase

During this phase, we work together as one team to develop app according to speciafication made in Planning phase.


Delivery Phase

We are testing the mobile app, improving UX and UI to be sure that delivered app has  the highest quality possible.

Best technology for mobile app development

We specialize in different useful mobile app development technologies.

Mobile applications development

Currently, half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. Their owners spend the vast majority of their time with smartphones and tablets using applications. Therefore, it is a great tool for any business, helping to gain new customers and increase sales.

At Codepole, we rely on the latest technologies and focus on high UX. That’s why our apps are attractive to the users, have high performance and work reliably. Brand customers willingly use them, becoming attached to the company for longer.  

The types of mobile applications we create are: 

  • Native applications

They are created for a specific operating system - iOS or Android. Native applications are fast and perfectly handling more complex graphics, e.g. 3D. In addition, they have an interface that users are familiar with, achieving a better UX. Apps also use all the functions of the device because they are written especially for it.

  • Web applications

Web applications are in fact responsive websites. They run on the device via the browser. The languages ​​used to create them are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The advantage of the web apps is that the written code works on devices with different operating systems.

  • Hybrid applications

It is a solution standing between native and web applications. They are written in the same languages ​​as for web applications and also use the browser mechanism. However, browser window is invisible to the user and apps install on the device. They have good performance, can use the functions of the device and able to work on both iOS and Android.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are a kind of responsive websites, which, however, are installed on the user’s device. Like web apps, they are displayed without a browser window but work faster. PWA can also work offline and with unstable internet connection. Show splash screens and support push notifications.

I need help with my application development

You don’t know what kind of application you need? We will give you professional advice. Each project has specific requirements. Thanks to our experience, we will offer you an optimal solution.

In the process of creating our applications we use the agile methodology. It is based on short iterations. After each of them, you will see the product prototype and be able to submit your comments. We’ll make the adjustments in the next iteration. Thanks to this, the final product will meet your expectations.

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Software team augmentation helps you when you need to quickly scale your software team or you look for a specific tech stack. We've helped many clients before. We can help you as well.

End-to-End Software Development

You have a clear view on how your product should look like, but you lack capacity or tech experts to make it happen. We are here for you. We deliver top-quality, scalable tech solutions from initial exploration up to final deployment.

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Do you have a project to be completed? Or do you need some senior-level talent to support your existing team for a fixed period of time? We got you covered. Our consultants are not only talented, but also experienced in hitting the ground running to ensure they get up to speed with solving your challenges as quick as possible.

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