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KOMPAR is a Swedish fintech offering SMEs a marketplace for business financing. Our job was to create an entire operations team in Poland including development, marketing and operations team.

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Development Team
July 2019


KOMPAR is a marketplace for business financing based in Sweden. The company helps to compare offers from more than 20 lenders. KOMPAR is building integrations with financing institutions, helping their clients receive approved offers in real-time. We have created a full operations team for KOMPAR in our office in Warsaw, and has been managing it ever since.


The key challenge was to hire a top team for various functions within a short period of time. Since KOMPAR is working with multiple financial institutions its service requires top software developers. To reach its clients - SMEs from different industries such as construction, transportation or retail; KOMPAR needed a marketing team consisting of members with different experiences, ideas and approaches to marketing.

Additionally, creating an entire team from scratch had an additional challenge - to create the right culture of ambition, collaboration and support.


We have prepared a multichannel recruitment approach and multistep interview process to ensure the right amount and quality of applications coming for each role. Each team member was responsible for each department's recruitment.


Initial phase of our work with KOMPAR was very demanding but at the same time extremely rewarding. We are proud to be helping KOMPAR on their journey to become the go-to place for business financing in Sweden.

Employees hired:

  • 2 Software Developers
  • Senior Marketing Consultant, Performance Marketing Manager, Marketing Intern
  • Customer Success & Content Specialist
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