Prizbee is a Swedish based startup providing mobile solutions for parents. Prizbee works with today's hugely influential gaming culture to motivate education, knowledge and activity for kids.

Django, python, react native, typescript

Huge sums are being spent today on digital items in the world's most popular games. And we understand why – Gaming is fun! That’s why appear our client Prizbee.

Through Prizbee, the same game purchases are made as usual with one difference: Your kid, to access the coolest items, has to solve some of Prizbee's knowledge challenges! 

Prizbee provides a lot of different subjects and questions itself.


We started our job with an existing codebase. As for the beginning, We’ve wanted to get knowledge about the architecture of the whole system. My first few days were mainly about bug fixing, but with time we’ve managed to start working on more complex tasks. We've developed several features from scratch as well as completed a few others. Our tasks included:

  • Referral system for application users.
  • Badge system for kids. It’s a great feature! Prisbee has badges similar to achievements from rgp games. It’s part of gamification experience
  • General bug fixing and feedback applying.
  • Django admin updates - we've adjusted the admin panel for client requirements.
  • Improving user experience of the application.
  • Dealing with infrastructure problems, updates.

Team set-up

From Codepole:

  • 1 fullstack developer
  • 1 product owner

Results & Benefits

Our job and support helped prizbee develop new features and eliminate bugs. We have met deadlines, and do our best to bring every task to production. New features could bring new pool of parents

Application has fewer bugs, works really well. Prizbee is waiting for more users, but first feedback is very positive. System is now ready to gather a lot of users, and educate a lot of kids!

Codepole helped with the launch of our current platform. Implemented features and products enabled us to rapidly scale our existing Swedish business and expand to new markets.

Robin Tjassens, Kompar

Codepole managed to provide me with top quality candidates in short period of time. Their support and hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process were invaluable.

Daniel Abebe, HuggyStudio