KOMPAR is a fast-growing fully digital Swedish fintech offering SMEs a marketplace for business financing.


We help our clients to set up their very own nearshore development center with engineers 100% dedicated to their specific project. The teams are hired by us and work from our offices, but are considered as employees of our clients. In other words, a turn-key solution for expanding your IT-team.

Sweden, Finland, Netherlands
Webflow, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Next.js, MongoDB, Express.js, AWS


Our task has been to help Kompar build a platform that makes the process of comparing business loans as easy as comparing flight tickets. To make this happen, we had to break it down into specific sub-tasks, some of which have been:

  • SME Front-end: building an interface that makes the loan application process, loan overview and signing process easy for business owners.
  • Lender Front-end: designing and implementing an interface that allows lenders to get a good overview with the right data points to complete their credit decision
  • Back-end: creating a back-end structure that automatically pulls thousands of data points for identification, credit decisions, KYC/AML management, etc. from API services within seconds whilst the user is filling in it's application
  • API service: putting in place an API service that lenders can connect to in order to allow for automated credit decisions and underwriting

Competence need

The key challenge was to hire a top team for various functions within a short period of time. Since KOMPAR is working with multiple financial institutions its service requires top software developers. To reach its clients - SMEs from different industries such as construction, transportation or retail; KOMPAR also needed a marketing team consisting of members with different experiences, ideas and approaches to marketing.

Additionally, creating an entire team from scratch had an additional challenge - to create the right culture of ambition, collaboration and support.

Team set-up

We prepared a multichannel recruitment approach and multistep interview process to ensure the right amount and quality of applications coming for each role. Each team member was responsible for each department's recruitment.

Initial phase of our work with KOMPAR was very demanding but at the same time extremely rewarding. The employees put in place for the team were the following:

  • 3 Software Developers
  • Senior Marketing Consultant, Performance Marketing Manager, Marketing Intern
  • Customer Success & Content Specialist


Together with Kompar, we have developed a platform that enable business owners to make a loan application and receive offers from +20 banks within seconds. Lenders can either apply automated underwriting through our API or by some of the custom credit decision models we have build for them. The user experience is great and the conversion rates have increased significantly. In addition to this, a lot of the back-end work has been removed through automation of administrative and regulatory tasks.

The marketing team has significantly improved the SEO positioning of the company and integrated marketing automation software based integrated with the lending platform.

Our work with Kompar continues as the company is looking to expand internationally and always strive to improve the user experience. We're proud to be working with Kompar and are looking forward to continuing doing so in the years to come.

Codepole helped with the launch of our current platform. Implemented features and products enabled us to rapidly scale our existing Swedish business and expand to new markets.

Robin Tjassens, Kompar

Codepole managed to provide me with top quality candidates in short period of time. Their support and hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process were invaluable.

Daniel Abebe, HuggyStudio