Instapay is a CRM platform that helps companies receive payments from their customers. It works both for one-time and scheduled payments. Thanks to Instapay, companies don't have to worry about getting money from their clients, and as a result, they save a lot of time.


We help our clients to set up their very own nearshore development center with engineers 100% dedicated to their specific project. The teams are hired by us and work from our offices, but are considered as employees of our clients. In other words, a turn-key solution for expanding your IT-team.

Typescript, React, Firebase


Since the Instapay platform already existed, we started by learning their code standards and discussing challenges and requirements. We were working as full-stack developers on every part of the code.

Instapay wanted us to help them develop their platform; fixing and refactoring

existing code, e.g., fixing existing bugs or moving functions from frontend to backend, as well as writing new pages and functionalities, e.g.:

 - inviting and adding a company's team members with specific roles, assigned tasks, and clients. This functionality allows a company to use Instapay as a well-organized team, with different people having specific functions and responsibilities, and access to different parts of the platform;

- importing the company's clients and their payment information from CSV, XML, or XLS files;

- a new landing page allows downloading a free ebook in exchange for the client's email address and phone number.

Results & Benefits for the Client

The platform now has more functions, fewer bugs, and generally works faster than before. Instapay has received very positive feedback from its clients about the new features and the platform's performance. The code is cleaner than before, and since we were following Instapay's requirements, the code is kept with the same patterns as before.

Benefits for our Team:

We have developed our skills in Typescript and Firebase, as well as Ant Design. Working with the code gave us some exciting ideas about the code structure and how to keep it cleaner.

Codepole helped with the launch of our current platform. Implemented features and products enabled us to rapidly scale our existing Swedish business and expand to new markets.

Robin Tjassens, Kompar

Codepole managed to provide me with top quality candidates in short period of time. Their support and hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process were invaluable.

Daniel Abebe, HuggyStudio