Creddo is a Swedish fintech offering SMEs a marketplace for business financing.

Sweden, Netherlands
JavaScript, Node.js, React, Next.js, MongoDB, Wordpress, Angular, Java

Creddo is a loan broker that specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies to find the best business loan for their specific operation and industry. Creddo have processed thousands of loan applications from entrepreneurs in several different industries, such as construction, restaurant, trade & e-commerce, and health & beauty since the start in 2019.

It has merged with KOMPAR - another SME broker. Codepole's task has been to help Creddo merge data from Creddo and Kompar as well as create one system that will operate both brands. That will help Creddo in customer service and improve the client’s and partners' experience for both companies. Our goal was also to build custom software solutions in the backend for the Swedish and Dutch markets. Codepole provided a dedicated software team for that project. It was important for the client to ensure continued operations and smooth merger that did not disrupt the sales activity.


Planning phase: together with the Creddo & KOMPAR teams, we have mapped the different features of the systems, chose the system that will act as the main one going forward, and planned the merger in steps so that the project does not disrupt work of the operations team.

The first system was built in Angular & Java, while the second one in React and Node.js. Due to the different features built on the second system and the flexibility it offered, we chose it as the one to remain. 

Development phase I: in this phase, the Dutch market and the application flow was connected to the existing backend system of the other brand and the data was migrated to the remaining database.

Development phase II: in this phase, the Swedish market backend was merged. It required much more work to integrate a large client base and not interfere with business operations teamwork as systems for the Swedish market included many features that had to be reconnected including BankID authentication, credit check integrations.

Development phase III: launch of one system for the Swedish market and ongoing development of the platforms to add new features that help analyze the financial data of SMEs, including integrations with open-banking providers, accounting systems.

Results (benefits for the client)

Codepole helped with the merger of the platforms - migrating database, combining backend, aligning frontend views, new features, and a better user experience for clients and partners. The primary outcome is that Creddo now operates on one combined system, which helps the operations team, and helps to generate more revenues.

The primary success of the team was to ensure smooth transition that helped our client to operate continuosly and benefit from the best features of both systems.

Team involved

  • Product manager
  • Tech Lead
  • 2 full-stack developers

Codepole helped with the launch of our current platform. Implemented features and products enabled us to rapidly scale our existing Swedish business and expand to new markets.

Robin Tjassens, Kompar

Codepole managed to provide me with top quality candidates in short period of time. Their support and hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process were invaluable.

Daniel Abebe, HuggyStudio