What is team augmentation and why your company may need it?

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Marek Pietrzak

Team augmentation (also known as staff augmentation or team extension) is an increasingly popular outsourcing strategy that provides you with flexibility in hiring new IT team members. It is especially tailored to current business environment in the face of COVID-19 as a significant number of developed companies and start-ups realized that working at the same office is not needed to get the desired results.

Adding highly qualified tech team members to your company is getting more and more difficult. Most companies that scale their business at a fast pace face two main problems during recruitment:

  1. Limited talent pool
  2. Increasing payroll costs

IT landscape is constantly evolving, which means that programming languages change, tech stack gets more complex and difficult to comprehend by the same person and more niche applications are born. Owing to these shifts in the landscape, recruitment becomes a real pain, especially when looking for some niche experience among the IT candidates. Companies often come to us as they find it very difficult to recruit a professional with a specific set of skills in their home country. We realized that it is much easier to recruit the sought-after IT expert in Poland as it has one of the largest IT talent pools in Europe; and it keeps growing!

Demand for tech professionals is increasing based on digitalization of the economy. At the same time the supply of candidates is not growing fast enough in order to cover the needs. In line with one of the most basic economic concepts, i.e. the supply and demand curve, the cost of the IT experts needs to go up, which we unfortunately see in the job market. It is the second main reason why the companies from abroad come to us. We help them decrease one of the core costs of their operations.

As discussed, hiring IT professionals is unfortunately linked to a few challenges. Doing it all on your own is not easy. Reaching out for assistance to one of the specialists in staff augmentation might be the right solution. Team extension enables you to hire tech talent outside of your home market and manage your extended team directly. You can be involved in the recruitment process of the tech team as much as you want, but we encourage our clients to get involved at final stages as we want them to concentrate only on the best matching candidates.

IT team extension suppliers assist you in adding highly skilled tech team members (often with very specific and niche knowledge) to your in-house development team either for a specific project or as a long-term member of your IT team. These resources are employed directly by the supplier, so the organizational and administrative burdens are all taken care of. Staff augmentation has many forms, but we feel that our clients can fully benefit from it if the teams are 100% dedicated to them. However, we are flexible in terms of offering our customers also other solutions, in which we are responsible for managing the teams.

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